Featuring – Ana Abraham

First coming to prominence as a Women’s Wrestler around the same time El Samaritano and Wallach Prince were beginning their Tag Team career, Ana Abraham quickly rose the ranks of the division to become the top contender for the Women’s Championship. Combining an inherent strength of conviction and dedication to the sport, Ana soon found herself meeting the then Women’s Champ, La Novia Muerte. Their clash was epic and considered by many one of the greatest singles matches of all-time. Abraham buried La Novia Muerte to become the Women’s Champion, a title she held until her retirement.

Upon retiring, Abraham joined with her long-time partner, El Samaritano, to undertake a career in politics. Launching their independent campaign, LUCHA LIBERTY, the two eventually became governor and deputy governor of Louisiana. Abraham’s same tenacity in-ring is something she regular reminds opposition political leaders of in her attempt to improve the living conditions of the state’s populace.