Featuring – Wallach Prince

As a former half of the devastating tag-team, LUCHA LIBERTY, Wallach Prince along with his partner, El Samaritano, quickly rose the ranks of the Lucha Libre wrestling scene. Together the two seemed unstoppable, quickly asserting themselves as number 1 contenders for the tag-team championship. However, during their tag-title match El Sam saw an injustice which turned the fate of both wrestlers that night. While Prince was held to the mat and suffered the indignity of his mask being removed, his partner attempted to save harm from coming to a child in the audience. While the two may have lost their title bid, and strayed from their friendship for a time — they gained a deeper connection to always prioritizing the protection of the innocent.

Some years later Wallach Prince, along with Ana Abraham and El Sam, launched the political campaign LUCHA LIBERTY! While Ana and El Sam served as the political heads of the campaign, Prince remained behind the scenes as both political advisor and security detail. Upon winning the Governor’s seat in Louisiana El Sam quickly ensured Prince would stay on as advisor. While the two men were still deeply close, Prince decided to put his efforts to use on the ground in various charitable organizations as well as a personal security and investigation firm. El Samaritano still relies upon his friend’s advice and expertise in guiding the direction of his state to this day.