Featuring – the Ukrainian

Known by most as ‘The Ukrainian’, head of a Crimean revolutionary group, Viktor Istota is a man of ideals. Sent to the United States by his Crimean-based family in the early 90s, Viktor was raised by relatives in the deep south. Fearing for what may happen in the area after the fall of the Soviet Union, Viktor’s parents were right to send the young Viktor away. While the area erupted into mass protests and violence, Viktor stood helpless across the North Atlantic. Having served in the United States Marines for nearly a decade and honourably-discharged, Viktor soon amassed his own militia of Ukrainian freedom-fighters. Unable to return home, Viktor quietly enacted a plan to wreak havoc on the Russian government from afar.

Much of his time in the US Marines is steeped in governmental security clearance. His ability to lead and organize such a complex revolutionary organization suggests training in recruiting and implementing military coups on foreign soil.