El Samaritano was once half of the legendary wrestling tag-team, LUCHA LIBERTY. Until one day an injustice forever changed the wrestler’s moral compass. Realizing he could help those who needed it most, El Sam quickly leveraged his wrestling celebrity into a political campaign…LUCHA LIBERTY! El Samarintano ran on the platform of fighting for the freedoms of those without a voice. Those most needing governmental support and assurances. Running as an independent, he swept the 2012 governmental race in Louisiana, and has served his delegates with the same tenacity and fortitude he showed in-ring. Loved by the populace, he ran unopposed in the 2016 election.

Along with his Deputy Governor and long-time companion, Ana Abraham, and his former tag-partner, Wallach Prince, the three created a beacon of hope for those who needed it most.

However, as with any hope, despair seemed to be riding close behind. Just as El Sam and Anna were able to get State approval for the development of a low-income housing district in New Orleans an explosion at the nearby Russian embassy completely rocked the hope they built.

Now, El Samaritano finds himself in a world of vigilant revolutionaries, vicious corporate entrepreneurs and a faceless adversary pulling strings from abroad.

The people of New Orleans need LUCHA LIBERTY! now more than ever.